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Welcome to Gold Creek Center

Gold Creek Retreat and Convention Center was established in California as a supporting facility of Non-profit religious corporationHallelujah Prayer Center USA. It seeks to follow love of Jesus Christ through supporting the churches and communities to glorify His name.


The purpose of its existence is to continue and pursue ministry of Jesus Christ as a savior through carrying out evangelical teaching and serving nations as a servant of God by helping homeless, special needs children, seniors, and youth.


Gold Creek Center is thrilled to be the summer home for Camp JCA Shalom.

For more information about Camp JCA Shalom


Gold Creek Center is located in Angeles National Forest, California. Beautiful place in a very convenient location.

Just 30 minutes from Down Town Los Angeles!


Gold Creek Center Duplex is a accommodation building that hold from 10 to 40 individuals and family and staff. We can host 10-250 people overnight and up to 350 for a day’s event.​


Gold Creek Center offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

GCC facility includes: a swimming pool, athletic field, gym, outdoor basketball court, playgrounds and many more!

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